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Putting on jewelry is especially challenging for someone with arthric hands and fingers.  Still, there are a few ways to make this task a little easier.  There are also several devices for jewelry that can help.  For instance there is a tool to help put bracelets on.  Some necklaces and bracelets come with magnetic jewelry clasps that makes the job of getting one on and off that much easier.  To put her pierced earings in, my Mother uses a special pair of tweezer like tongs to hold the back while she puts in the earing.  Without the tongs, my Mother wouldn’t be able to hold a tiny earing finding.

The Bracelet Buddy is a wonderful tool for putting on bracelets!

If you’re handy, or know someone who is, you can purchase magnetic jewelry clasps and put them on your bracelets and necklaces yourself.  These Clever Clasps have been advertised nationally.

As Seen On TV Clever Clasp
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Custom jewelers or local jewelers can often remake favorite pieces of jewelry.  However, this process can be quite costly.  Still, for heirloom quality jewelry or other fine pieces of jewelry you may feel it is worth the investment.  A custom jeweler can replace old jewelry clasps with a magnetic jewelry clasp.

Ring jewelers can remake a ring with a special expandable ring clasp. Rings are probably the hardest item of jewelry to deal with for people with arthritis in their hands. The swelling in the knuclkes of the finger and the way some fingers twist and deform so crooked makes it difficult, if not impossible, to slide a ring on and off.

Like many women, my Mother has quite a few rings.  One of the problems she faced having such horrible arthritis in her hands was being able to wear her rings.  The more Mother’s fingers bent, the less she could wear her favorite rings–including her wedding rings.  In fact, at one point she had to have a few rings cut off and that certainly wasn’t any fun.

The long of the short of it is that until Mom learned about special expandable ring clasps she had to quit wearing rings altogether. There are a couple different versions of these ring clasps with different names.  They allow a ring to open and close so a person can get a ring on or off a finger.

The ring clasp itself needs to be installed by a ring jeweler. So, I’m  not going to pretend that it is a cheap process to have done at your local jewelry store.  However, for rings of good quality or that have special sentimental value for someone, it is well worth every penny!

Citizen Women's EK3682-97P Bracelet Watch
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If someone you know hasn’t been able to wear their rings, maybe you can sneak a ring or two down to a reputable Jewelry store and have a ring jeweler put special expandable ring clasps on them.

One thing to bear in mind if you want to buy a bracelet or a watch as a gift for someone who has arthritic hands is that expandable bands are much easier to get on and off than ones that have any type of clasp.  However, items with a magnetic clasp are relatively easy to manipulate as well.

Necklaces that are large enough to slip over the head are also a great gift idea since a person doesn’t have to hassle with any type of jewelry latch or hasp. You can also consider necklaces and bracelets with magnetic jewelry clasps.

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